31 December 2008

Elliott has been with me for more them an year now. On Nov. 17 he turned three. He has become such an important dog to me. I can not imagine not having him. His 13 year old brother (lab) loves having him around as well. They are the best of friends and sleep together. They are each other's shadows.

Monday through Friday the boys get fed at 4:30 am and then we go for a 2 mile walk at 5:00 am. When we get back Elliott and his brother both get a 20 minute rub-down( doggy massage.) When I come home from work it is feeding time. (3:30 pm) After their dinner they go for a 1 and a 1/2 hour run/walk at the off leash park that is only 4 miles from the house. The park is 122.3 acres. There is a small pond, two streams and the Farmington River that runs through it. When the weather is warmer, the boys go swimming there and some time I do too. Also there are open meadows and wooded areas for the dogs to run through. Elliott is on voice command so he does not need a lead. He gets to run and play with his brother and doggy friends. I am hooked on coonhounds now . I think they are the best. I love Elliott so much.

Rebecca Braun

8 February 2007

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3 June 200

In Memory of Elliott’s Brother, Buddy

Elliot came to me on 11-17-06. He had two brothers when he came to me and he had great times with them. They were Buddy (yellow lab mix) and Oreo (black lab). But on 5-08-06 Buddy went to doggy heaven. He had arthritis and was having trouble getting up sometimes. I did not want him to suffer so he went to doggy heaven. He was a great dog with a wonderful sense of humor and was extremely accepting to having an adopted bother like Elliott. Buddy was 12 ˝ years old and Elliott, Oreo and I miss him greatly.

Rebecca, Oreo and Elliott

23 May 2006

Elliott came to live with us as a foster doggy kid in November of 2005. My boys (Buddy and Oreo dog) took to him right away. He fit right in. But he was a little skittish and underweight. His beautiful puppy-like face and those long ears were so sweet. He would look into my eyes and I would melt. Also, he had such a wonderful disposition.

But there was one small problem with him: If there was any way he could get away with getting outside and chasing a rodent he would - across the road and through the woods he would go. There seemed to be no stopping him. My heart went into my throat every time that happened. I was his foster Mom and my neighbors were getting to know Elliott quite well! I was starting to think that he was too much for me to handle. So I decided to look for a private trainer with hound experience. But, before I found one I almost lost him. We were on a road trip and went to Boston from Connecticut. We stopped at a rest area and I told all three dogs to wait as I opened the door to the car. But, Elliott bolted with his retractable leash on. I tried to grab it but it wrapped around my finger and I let go. It really hurt. He went under a fence chasing what ever it was he was chasing. I was so scared for his well-being because I was at a rest area on the MASS Pike! I knew if he changed direction and went on the road that would be the end for poor Elliott. But he went under a wire fence. It was dark and snowing. I could not see him. I knew he could run for hours. I was beside myself with worry, but I did my best to keep it together. I could hear him. There was a dog cow bell on his collar. (What a blessing) I went under the fence and went to follow the sound for the cow bell and I found him. His retractable leash was wrapped around trees and bushes. So I was able to get him

I guess the moral of the story is to get your dog a good trainer!! So as soon as I got home, I found an excellent trainer in New Hartford, CT. Billy, the trainer, had worked with coonhounds in the past.

(Command Dogs) . What a find! Elliott boarded there for 10 days and came back to me fully trained and even off-leash trained as well. I am so thankful for that. I now take him for long walks through the woods off-leash. But the only way Billy was able to train him so quickly was with a remote training collar. I do not have to press the button for the collar all the time, but it is nice to know I have it if I need it to keep him safe. I live near a large Off Leash Park. He has made lots of doggy friends there. There is a wooded area, a pond, a river and a meadow. Things were working out so well with Elliott in the house and we decided we wanted to keep Elliot. So in December he was legally adopted and we all are thrilled. Rebecca, Buddy, Oreo and Now Elliot, too.

Elliott’s View on Life

I was a stray and had lived in Georgia, and now I live in Avon, CT where Becca took me under her wing. In the beginning when I was a stray I lived outside and had lots of ticks on me. They hurt. But now I sleep in a bed with my Mom and new doggy brothers. I am also allowed on the couch. It is like a dream, so if it is, please, please do not wake me up. I am so content. I have a big yard to play in and go for lots of fun car rides and walks/run in the park. I am so glad Mom took me to training school. Now I know that she expects from me. I was confused and did not know what she wanted from me. It was not that I did not want to do what was right, but I did not know what that was. Mom said that I am not as skittish as I was and I put on some weight and look great now. I know if she said it, it must be true.
I am one very happy two year old coonhound.
Love, Elliot

27 February 2006