"Eva Longoria"
(now "Lena")

I have re-named her Lena. These two dogs get along like they were raised together from pups. I love the Coon Hound howl, it's not annoying like barking and growling. If Lena wants a toy or bone Reecee has, she lets out a short musical booopf. Not that Reecee always gives it up, but they don't fight over toys or bones, they just swap back and forth, dinner too. Reecee never ever had a dog to socialize with since Puppy K 2 years ago. Seeing Reecee finally having a friend makes me smile, it's a perfect match.

We love Lena!
Edee and Reecee

21 September 2006


Update on Lena. Lena is too good to believe. She is what our home was missing. She is so silly and funny and Reecee adores her as much as I. She was the piece of the puzzle missing in Reecee's life. I can't begin to explain it. Reecee and I have a good relationship, but Lena has given the canine companionship that Reecee was missing. Reecee is one of those dogs that needs more than one love in her life.

Attached is a great shot of them on their couch in the current room I'm restoring in my old house. They both are hanging out on the couch chewing their chewies. See how closely and comfortably they lie together with chewies? They can't be separated. Where one goes, the other goes too.

I don't know who taught who, but I bought a "high end" baby gate for the stairs going to the 2nd floor where the cats can have peace. It's one of those gates that the door swings both ways by stepping on the pedal. Reecee is about 83 lbs, Lena 64. It's supposed to take at least 80 lbs of weight on the pedal to open it. I'd find the gate open and these two upstairs. I hid and waited, first time, it was Reecee stepping on the pedal. Next time it was Lena. Now, I'm back to dragging a chair in front of the stairway. I'm sure they just got lucky by trial and error pawing at it, but one watched the other to learn, I'm sure.

Another smart trick: These 2 don't fight over chewies, usually chewing their own, but you know those days in a multi dog household when there is "the chewie of the day?" This is Reecee's way of getting it from Lena. Reecee will run to the window and softly growl. Lena will drop the chewy and run to look out too. In a flash, Reecee has turned around and snatched Lena's bone. Lena keeps falling for that one.

Lucky for me, these 2 are only 2 years old but I will come back to Coonhound Rescue.

Thank you,
Edee Maurer

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