"Faith", "Hope"
"Dan Rather"

We just wanted to send some pictures along and let everyone know that the pups are GREAT!!!! We love them all and they so sweet and cute and cuddly and funny and wiggly...I could go on and on and on!!!

Thanks So Much!!!
Melissa & Gregg & Anna

24 April 2006


Just wanted to send you some recent pictures and fill you in on our "poopers". All three are just the most wonderful little personalities! "Dan Rather" is now Caleb, "Faith" is now Merlie and "Hope" (which makes three) is Trinity. Our two older Boxers, Gracie & Dukie, have accepted them completely! Well, Duke just a bit more, he mothers them and plays with them whenever THEY want. Gracie, who is Dukie's daughter, loves them too, but to her they are like that annoying little brother that's always stealing your stuff. But, she still loves to play and cuddle with them! Merlie and Trinity are starting to loose their little puppy teeth so I'm assuming they have hit the 6 month mark. They are almost completely house broken and can make it through overnight with no problem. Trinity is a little piggy; she can never go by the food bowl without grabbin' at least a little kibble. She is very lovie and sweet and has the most beautiful eyes. And she has the hugest crush on Duke!! Merlie has filled out quite nicely too, but you can still see those Redbone Ribs. Merlie is a cuddler and she loves to stalk Trinity and Caleb. Caleb, our littlest guy, is quite the character. If he feels he has not been given a proper hello he howls and yells and howls until he feels as though you've done it correctly. If he is asleep and you try and cuddle him he growls and groans at you, he does not like to be bothered while napping. He bugs the crap out of Merlie and Trinity!!I If he is in a room alone but comfortable he barks and barks until at least one of them joins him because he's to lazy to get up and find them. We call him "Mr. Feet" because even though we see his Gigantic Paws everday it never ceases to amaze us how big they really are. I could go on about all of them forever but I'll spare you all the other mushiness. We just love them soooo much and they bring us such laughter and love. They have also added to our Boxers' lives, they are so active now and losing weight because they are constantly trying to get their stuff back!

Thanks again Jayne for doing such incredible, wonderful and worthy work and for bringing joy into so many people's homes and giving dogs a second chance at life! And Michelle thank you for loving and caring for these precious little souls until homes our found!! THANK YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!

Melissa, Gregg, Anna, Dukie & Gracie

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