Emmy Lou (formerly known as Fandango) is doing well and adapting very nicely. In the photo on the left, bottom row, she is shown on a visit to the office. As you can see, she is very hyper.

Actually, she is a robust and very playful dog. The other dog belongs to my daughter. It is a “Bullador” a Lab-English Bulldog mix. They get along great whenever my daughter visits from Memphis. Emmy Lou loves to go places. When I go somewhere, I may not always take her, but it is never because I forgot. She is there and ready every time. She is completely trained to the invisible fence. Accordingly, we rarely use the leash anymore. I need to train her on that a little better and work with her to come when called so I can take her to more places. She is very good with most other dogs.

Emmy Lou loves to chase rabbits and squirrels, although I don’t think she really is all that interested in catching them. She likes to tree squirrels and “bay” at them, though. She plays a game with me where she jumps and spins all around me and then runs around me in a big circle, full tilt, until she decides to change direction and run and jump into me. She initiates some hard collisions, although most the time she changes direction in mid air and flies by.

She seems to be happy and we are happy with her. She is eager to please. She demands attention as well, but it is always for playing or petting. I think she may be younger than originally estimated. Anyway, this is a success story.

Billy Stokes

Page last updated on 8 August 2007