I thought you might like an update on these two, now named Finnegan and KayLee. They are both doing great. They have 8 acres fenced to run and play. He is very tolerant of her antics. She is very laid back and just loves to cuddle. Their training is coming along very well. They are both very smart and willing to please. I purchased this book "The Loved Dog" by Tamar Geller. It is how to train in a playful non- aggressive way. It has turned the whole training process into a lot of fun for us all. They love going for rides and walks, Finn is walking very nicely on a leash now. They both sleep with us, a little crowded as KayLee is growing. She is 34 lbs now. We could not be any happier with both dogs.

Thanks for all you did in placing them with us.
Maureen and James Todd

Page last updated on 13 June 2007