"Flora" (now "Crystal")

This Saturday will be one month that we have had Crystal (formerly Flora) in our home. After picking her up in Central Florida it took about 2 seconds to fall in love with her. She has a wonderful, gentle, yet playful personality. You can see her here playing with a new friend in the neighborhood, and with her new family. She loves trips to the dog park where she can run and wrestle with other dogs, yet she is very gentle with our 3 cats. She seems to have a shoe fetish and likes to carry around our shoes, never chewing them, but sleeping with them. She is content to stay at home by herself for many hours, sleeping and playing with her toys, when we get home she is thrilled to go for walks or the dog park. She greets everyone she meets with a wagging tail and a sniff and has delighted all her new friends. People stop me everywhere I take her to comment on how cute she is, what a wonderful coat she has and to inquire about her breed. We could not have picked a more perfect pup and want to thank Jayne, Coonhound Rescue and her foster mother, Alyson, for all your time, expert advice and assistance in adopting her.

Wendy Stephens

Page last updated on 18 May 2006