This is a picture of hiking in a Seattle park with the boys and the "boys." Robert Gregory proved himself a reliable off-leash companion, while Remington stayed safely tethered. As goofy and fun and boisterous as coonhounds are, I have to say that bloodhounds up the ante, especially with boisterous! But we are deeply in love with our shedding, drooling, digging, jumping boy. There is such a scarcity of bloodhounds in Seattle, that he is even more of a star wherever he goes!
Leslie, Matt, Atticus and Romeo

14 August 2010

Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that Remington is doing wonderfully. He learned from his brother the more vocal side of life, and while he was nearly totally silent when he arrived he now does a perfect whoo-whoo-whoo when I leave the house or when his leash comes out. He adores the kids, and the feeling is quite mutual. He and Robert Gregory are absolutely inseparable, and I have begun a plant relocation program because of their now-favorite backyard loop. Good thing daylilies are hardy! The other day on a walk we had the boys walk with Robert Gregory and then hide around a corner, and Remington trailed them and found them! We might do some more trailing work with him just for fun. Overall, he's an absolute joy.

Thanks again for helping bring him to us!
Leslie, Matt, Atticus and Romeo

11 June 2010

Funny Gunny, now Remington aka Remmy, is settling in wonderfully. Even Henri the grumpy grandpa beagle doesn't mind him (and that's saying a lot) and has tried to join in the hound Olympics now going on once again in the house, in the yard, on our heads! Robert Gregory is ecstatic, and the two seem like they've been together forever. Remmy is now used to the human boys and their energy, thinks the dog park is great fun, and overall is a floppy, drool-flinging love. We adore him! His foster mom wasn't joking about his goat-like nature. I went outside to find him standing on our outdoor patio table, and I'm trying to cure him of jumping the fence into the vegetable garden and standing in the raised beds on my lettuce. He likes to be king!


Rosemary's Memorial Page

17 April 2010

Rosemary has had a host of health problems—an obstruction in her bowel, eye infections and cataracts, her broken tooth—evidence of her life before. But she’s a perfect patient and we’re getting it all taken care of. She’s a digger, I think mostly because she’s hunting mice, and has brought us both a dead mouse and a dead rat in from outside (a mixed blessing) and treed a raccoon in our backyard at one in the morning! It’s been amazing watching her transform—she’s now full of folds and droops with her houndy skin and her coat literally changed color--from dull chocolate brown to an amazing glossy black. Her fur feels like mink and now she weighs more than her brother. She was so confused in the beginning, didn’t know basics like “sit” and didn’t understand getting into the car, but has settled in beautifully and is the instant favorite of every visitor. I’ve never known a dog that just wanted to be held and hugged as much as she does. She and Robert Gregory, her adopted brother, divide their time between wrestling and chasing each other and following their people around the house (and laying in the sun as you can see). She’s finally given up trying to play with Henri, our beagle, who is a grumpy old man, though she gave it every chance. And the boys are absolutely in love with her, as are we. We feel lucky that Rosemary is with us, and hope she feels the same. Merry Christmas!

Thanks for all you do,

29 December 2009

We’re completely in love with Robert Gregory, especially the boys, as you’ll see in the pictures. He’s a very funny, totally loving, bouncy dog who seems like he’s always been here. Besides his full and formal name, he goes by the monikers "RG," "Mr. Gentlepants" and "The Eviscerator" (we’ve factored in a weekly budget for stuffies and more durable toys destined for destruction). He’s a favorite at the dog park because he’s so handsome and friendly.

Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect dog.
Merry Christmas!


20 December 2008