We're having so much fun with our new puppy. His name is Rufus T. Firefly after the Groucho Marx character in the movie Duck Soup, fitting because he makes us laugh every day. He already knows the words "sit," "no," "treat," and "puppy chow" and will go for a walk on a leash if his buddy Frank goes too. Frank is generally tolerant of him, but he has his limits. When Frank gets tired of being gnawed on, he'll get up and bring Rufus a toy to play with. Frank discovered this tactic is also effective in removing his tiny rival from his favorite chair. If Rufus gets his spot, Frank will offer him one end of a tug toy. When Rufus grabs it, Frank jerks it sideways and Rufus falls to the floor. I don't know how much longer that trick will work, but it's fun while it lasts.

These are great dogs and I'm so happy that Coonhound Rescue is here to help the hounds and bring joy to people's lives.

Thanks so much!
Ginny, Scott, Geordie, Frankie and Rufus T. Kennedy

28 June 2010

Frank's a year old now and weighs ninety pounds. He continues to be a fun and loving (not to mention humongous) companion who makes us laugh every day. Here he is enjoying his first snowfall in his natty tartan jacket and napping on the couch with his boy. He loves his walks, play time at the horse farm, puppy chow and I think he loves his family, too. Frank is a wonderful addition to our household and I would adopt another Coonhound if I had a bigger den and another couch!

Thanks again,
The Kennedys

4 March 2009

Just wanted to let you know that Frankie is doing great! He's about to graduate from puppy school -- he's the biggest and most enthusiastic dog in class, if not the most obedient. He loves to go for walks in the neighborhood and hikes in the mountains, but his favorite thing to do is to go to the barn with me and my son. He avoids the horses (smart!) and runs in the fields, frolics with the Jack Russells and flops in the shade with the big dogs. He's a good house dog too, except for that taking-up-the-whole-sofa thing. One of the cats will play with him -- or on him. The cat sits on the back of a chair and pounds on his head like a conga drum. We're all enjoying our big, rowdy boy. Thanks for all you do for these wonderful creatures!

Best Wishes,
Ginny Kennedy

11 September 2008

Franklin says good-bye
to his mom, Elsbeth

I caught my first raccoon.

Being a puppy can be hard work.

Going to work with mom
at the NPR radio station

Frankie weighs in on
the discussion of opera.

Thought you'd like to know that Franklin is making possibly the smoothest transition in puppy dog history. He was great on the trip. We stopped at a little park and he walked around on his leash and did what he was supposed to do. When we got to the house, he was like, "Yep, I'm home. Here's my yard, my den, my kitchen and these must be my cats!" He seems very happy with his toys, his crate and his people. The cats are nonplussed but nonviolent. He's been to school to meet Geordie and the pet store to shop for toys. We haven't been to the barn yet because it's been a little chilly. Tomorrow he's coming to work with me because the marketing director and principal flutist of the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra will be there and she wants to meet him. He will make his broadcast debut.

Thanks for taking such excellent care of these puppies!

Ginny, Scott, Geordie and Frankie Kennedy

17 April 2008