"Fred Flintstone and Izzy (now "Lizzie")"

These two gorgeous dogs are Fred and Lizzie. Fred, in the purple collar, came into our life when he was selected as a good match for our family by Jayne at Coonhound Rescue. After meeting “Fred Flintstone” in person, we knew he was the dog for us and happily brought him home. He was everything we had been told by his foster mom and we soon deemed him to be “pretty much the perfect dog”. He was such a good fit, that we decided it would be nice to have another furry friend in the house—for us and for Fred. So “Izzy”, wearing the red collar, joined the family and a wonderful friendship was born. Laid-back Fred is often coaxed into play by the always energetic Lizzie, who is devoted to her new buddy. The two of them really enjoy each other’s company, though Fred is mellow and a little reserved in his expressions of affection, while Lizzie couldn’t be happier than when she’s snuggled next to Fred or cuddled up in the arms of her people. The two of them have earned many compliments from friends and neighbors as being the nicest of dogs and have made us very happy. We love our coonhounds! Thank you to Coonhound Rescue for helping us find such loving and lovable companions.

2 October 2005


Here are some recent photos of the dogs. Fred is used to getting kissed. A lot. Lizzie looks good - her coat is soft and shiny these days. Liz just loves to be connected to her boy - notice her paw on Fred in that picture!

page last updated on 27 November 2005