Zeeke came off his flight from Atlanta to Dulles airport March 30, 2007. We think he will be celebrating his 4th birthday November 2009. Heís had quite a journey from life on a farm in the mountains of Northern Georgia to life in the wooded suburbs of Northern Virginia. Too bad the local raccoons who thought they could make our neighborhood home this year didnít know Zeeke would not take kindly to their entering our yard.

We remain very thankful, every day, that Zeeke is a member of our pack!


29 September 2009

Just celebrated my three month anniversary at my "forever home" in northern Virginia. Seems appropriate that we also celebrated Independence Day, as I am now independent in my new home. I'm trustworthy in my front yard and love to bask in the sun with my sister Abbygayle (isn't she pretty?!). I've completed introduction to rally obedience class and continue on my path to my Canine Good Citizen. Got a way to go on that one, though. The Spirit took good care of me by bringing me to you, and then to my "forever home".


23 July 2007

First morning in my new home,
we had
a 3 1/2 mile walk in the neighborhood.
They have squirrels here!
I put them on notice!

I needed a rest
after that trip from GA to VA yesterday
and long walk this morning.

Hey, a new squeaky toy. Let's see how fast I can get the stuffing out.

Snowfall the day before Easter.
We romped in the snow just like we romped
at doggy day care this week.
My new sister, Abbygayle, has finally taken a liking to me.

Company is coming. I think I'll help make the bed.

What a civilized way to spend a Sunday afternoon
in the solarium.

At last, the waterbed.
Good night and sweet dreams.

Fu Manchu, renamed Zeeke, is adapting very well to the house and our life. We start obedience training this Saturday, April 14. More correctly, I go for the orientation. You can see the program in which we are participating at www.allaboutdogsinc.com. We'll let you know how it goes. His outdoor behavior is what needs attention most quickly - tugging, getting distracted, barking at squirrels (I know that's natural) and barking at other dogs. He's learned to sit for his treats and meals, now we need to work on that around distractions.

We are very glad to have him in our lives. He is very special. Thanks to you for pairing us up.

Ruth Biehl

10 April 2007