"The General (now "Keb Mo")"

We adopted "The General" aka Keb Mo back in July. He has adjusted beautifully and seems very happy with our home and his routine. Supposedly he was a "night drop" into a dog pound so therefore no history or background as to why he was left. I will never understand how someone could just toss, like garbage, a healthy, loving, loyal family member! Keb is sweet, devoted, playful (but very gentle!), affectionate and just an all around great dog. He loves his bed and his toys and just thrives on consistency and routine. He has gotten our old couch potato B&T, Otis, up and playing every evening for a good hour. This is more frolicking than Otis has done in years. Keb has that "will to please" personality that makes him easy to train and a joy to be with. We discovered that he loves to wear sweaters on cold days and he will try to put the clothes on himself when he sees them. I think he feels like the sweaters are a security blanket. He now has several outfits and his own drawer in the dresser. Here is a picture of me walking the boys on the beach here in Morro Bay, CA.

Thank you all for your tireless volunteering and dedication to this wonderful breed.
Shari McKelvy

Page last updated on 15 November 2005