Carson has been part of our family for 3.5 years now. It has been such a joy watching him and his boy grow up together! He is very popular in the neighborhood, I like to think it is because of his devilish good looks. But I suspect that it has more to do with his distinctive bay :) He takes his job very seriously, he patrols the block keeping us safe from rabbits, squirrels and other creatures.

I have included some updated pictures of "the boys" and this year's Christmas picture of Carson.

Warm Regards,
Chris, Heather, Christopher, Carson & Pasta the Tortoise

19 December 2017

We welcomed Carson into our home about 6 weeks ago. We fell in love with those soulful amber colored eyes. What a wonderful addition to our family! He fits right in! We were lucky enough to have an amazing foster family for Carson prior to him finding his forever home. He came to us trained, house broken and very well socialized. He met the dog next door within 5 minutes of arriving and they have been friends ever since and enjoy daily walks around the neighborhood.

Carson and his 2 legged-brother love to play and lounge on the couch watching "Scooby Doo". He loves to snuggle with each of us at different times. He was hesitant to lay across our son in the beginning, but now it is a game of who lays on top of the other one. I love the nights where he and I get to snuggle up for a snooze. And he likes watching the game with his Dad. We have been hosting play dates for both boys, and are lucky our friends have well socialized dogs. We can't wait to see if Carson likes to swim, but we have a few months for that.

He really enjoys his food and all the treats that our 5 year old gives him; he is up to 68 pounds. His foster family called him "Sticks" because he was so slim, we are going to need a different nickname. He is the sweetest boy and we are so blessed to have found this rescue! During the holidays we had lots of company, overnight guests and holiday celebrations, everyone would complement Carson for being such a wonderful dog. (His foster family was also praised for developing him into such a great dog). Thank you for pairing us with Carson, we couldn’t be happier.

I included some pictures of Carson:
There are a few of Carson and his boy - I love these pictures.
One of Carson walking with Stella, his buddy next door.
Another of Carson’s boy and his “Family Portrait” we are all going for a walk.
Carson’s Christmas picture with a nice big red bow.

Chris, Heather, Christopher, Carson and Pasta the Tortoise

28 January 2014