Just a Christmas greeting from Jemma, almost four years old. Best wishes to all the hound lovers and thank you for the wonderful work you do at Coonhound Rescue.

Jemma and her family, Cathy, Wally, Melissa and Stephanie

21 December 2011

Just wanted to catch everyone up on how I am doing. I am almost three and half now and life is good. I spend a lot of my time laying in the sun, and when I'm not doing that, I spend my time watching for squirrels, coyotes, lizards and, unfortunately for my folks, skunks!! My dad walks me every night when the raccoons are out, and I get to go to dog parks and the beach! Thanks for all you do at Coonhound Rescue!!


12 August 2011

Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know how I have been doing. I had my second Christmas holiday and I didn't even knock down the tree. I am great buddies with our cat, though she likes to steal my bed sometimes. My folks had to get us both new beds! I spend lots of time checking out the field behind my house. I see raccoons, skunks, cats, deer and even coyotes! And one of my favorite places to climb is on my "mom's" lap, especially when she is trying to work! I love the sun and my daily walks with my folks. I get to go to the beach and the dog park to play. I love all the tummy rubs I get and my "dad" gives me lots of treats! But I have to work a little bit for them which I love to do.

Happy Holidays,

5 January 2010

I wanted to let you know about our pup, Jemma, who is now a year old. She is one of Good Golly Miss Molly's pups that we adopted in July 2008. My husband and I drove down to Riverside to pick Jemma up and we brought Molly back with us for Molly's new family in Oregon who came down to pick her up at our house on the San Francisco peninsula. Jemma has grown into an wonderful family member who provides us with an incredible amount of entertainment. She is goofy and playful and her favorite thing is to lick your ear. She loves to go on walks and has a blast at dog parks. She graduated from puppy class and we all learned so much from the great trainer we had. She attends many soccer games and is a major attraction for the kids. We are so happy with Jemma and want to thank you so much for all the great work you do for these dogs.

Cathy and Wally

17 May 2009