Just thought I'd update you on how Stanzi is doing. I can't believe it has been 2 years since I got her!! Since then, lots has changed in our lives. I fell in love with a man (and married him!) and we moved to a nice house with a big yard for Stanzi to play in. As my husband is a husky lover, we got Stanzi a little friend to play with. She does enjoy his company, except when he sneak attacks her while she is napping. She is doing very well and does not seem to be bothered by the fact that she was shot. The only anxiety I've seen was on the 4th of July, she was very shaky and hid in her crate, but nothing other than that! She enjoys the dog park and laying on the deck, but mostly taking a quiet nap in her "donut" bed or resting her chin on the windowsill and watching the cars go by.

Ali Haskins Lisle

16 August 2011

Stanzi is loving life in Blacksburg, VA. I was a little worried at first that she would be timid forever (couldn't blame her after being shot!), but she has blossomed into a very playful and extroverted dog. She loves going for walks and runs and also loves just lounging on the couch. She enjoys squirrel patrol more than anything and is guaranteed to send any small 4 legged furry creature up the nearest tree...and then promptly jerk my shoulder out of the socket in order to follow! She loves coming to tailgates for Virginia Tech games, and makes a lot of friends. I'm a member of a hiking club and we hike somewhere new every Sunday, and she just loves it, always wanting to be at the head of the pack. Yesterday we went to the Cascades, and once we reached the top she did a running belly flop into the water, and then just dunked herself underneath until she was completely soaked. She also loves walking around Virginia Tech's farm with her canine pals, Cooper and Dani (pictured). I love her so much and am so glad I chose this breed, and chose to adopt!

Thanks so much for everything,
Ali Haskins

17 September 2009