Ginger starts her 6 month program along with Jethro, the bloodhound, on January 14th and 15th 2006. We are going for FEMA certification with both hounds.

25 December 2005


Ginger has been doing great at her Search and Rescue training. She has proven to be a fast and accurate trailing hound. I am so glad I found her.

The top photo is of her at the beginning of the trail. The boy is my 15 year old nephew, Tom. He is in the Jr. Marines ROTC at school, and has incorporated the search and rescue training into his curriculum. Ginger works on a 20' lead and harness. As soon as the harness comes out of the ready bag she knows it's time to go to work. The center picture is working the ridge line. She's like an arrow, fast and accurate. If only more people realized the potential of these coonhounds. The bottom photo is of the find. When she finds the victim, she gets treats and a big party all the way back to the staging area. It seems that she is usually only interested in the victim as she will pass up the treats.

They are loving, playful companions as well as determined, talented and focused working hounds.


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