Greta is Great! This past year with her has been amazing! She has brought so much joy to me. Her first camping trip to the North Woods of Wisconsin with my huge family was a great success! Tagging along in the woods with her buddy Casey and running with all of the kids and not getting lost at all! She’s matured enough to run off leash in the woods and return almost immediately when called. She loves to go to “Grandma’s” house where Casey lives and run with him all day there, and still when the day is done it’s cuddle up time. (I have to tuck her in and cover her up or she’ll just stare at me until I do) So cute! She’s even stopped a mugging in front of our house one day; a young lady was being robbed for her purse and I let Greta out the door and she chased them off and proudly hopped back up on the porch. I am a photography student and any time I grab my gear she sits at the door waiting and when I have to stop to take a pic she waits right there until I’m ready. I can not express the love I have for this dog.

Thank you again Coonhound Rescue.

20 January 2012

I adopted Greta back in September and she has been the most wonderful addition to our house! It took her all about 5 minutes to settle in. She is a wonderful dog and none of us could be happier! She loves to run run run and when she comes in she will cuddle up with anyone with a blanket and a pillow or she'll hide under the covers in my bed. The cold and snow of Wisconsin took her by surprise one morning and then she realized how much fun she can have in the snow. All the neighbors love to make her sing her beautiful coonhound song and she is loved by everyone everywhere we go.

Thank you so much for saving her!

12 March 2011