Foxy and Ollie


This is an extremely overdue update on our 3 dogs. Foxy (Foxy Lady) is our newest addition. She is a red Bloodhound. This May it will be 2 years since we've had her (or she's had us). She is sweet and gentle, and she basically bosses Charlie and Ollie around. She was 75 pounds when she came to us, and she weighs in at 100 pounds now - she is perfect. Right after we got Foxy, she had dental surgery (teeth were not in good shape) and her stomach was tacked so she cannot get bloat. She has a little arthritis but she's doing great. She is a funny dog. She'll talk to you and she adores my husband especially. She's great with children, doesn't jump, doesn't counter surf, is just a wonderful dog.

Ollie (Black and Tan Coonhound) is doing awesome. He and Foxy will play with each other a little bit. Ollie has always been a great dog, but not extremely affectionate with us (people in general). Since we have gotten Foxy, Ollie has come out of his shell. He will cuddle with you on the couch and he enjoys the affection he gets from us now (which is a lot). I must mention that Ollie has left us several presents over the last couple of years - rabbits. The last one was on Christmas Eve morning (not nice to wake up to). On one occasion he brought the dead rabbit in the house - you can imagine my 3 daughters and myself screaming (my poor husband).

Charlie (lab-hound mix?) is doing great also, but he's getting older. He is so sweet and polite. The week before we got Foxy, we found out Charlie has diabetes. I give him 2 shots of insulin daily. He takes it no problem, and then all 3 dogs get peanut butter (which they love!). We also found out that Charlie has a heart murmur, arthritis, and a thyroid condition. He's starting to lose his eyesight, and he's going deaf. I'm getting nervous, but he goes to the vet often to get checked out.

We feel very fortunate to "have" these 3 dogs. They are just perfect!
Huge thanks again to Coonhound Rescue!

Hugs to the Hounds!!!

The Morrison Family

5 February 2012

My husband and I flew to Missouri to pick up Ollie the beginning of November. We rented a car and drove 1,400 miles in 2 days back home to Massachusetts. Ollie was wonderful in the car; he just curled up and slept the whole time. He is a sweet and gentle dog. Ollie gets along great with Charlie (who we adopted 1 1/2 years ago through Coonhound Rescue). When the 2 boys go outside, they will play and jump on top of each other, and bay at each other. They are so much fun to watch.

Ollie is wonderful with our children. He has great manners - doesn't jump or counter surf either. A big thank you to Marilyn, Ollie's foster mom, and everyone at Coonhound Rescue. You do awesome work!

The Morrison Family

15 February 2009

I am so, so sorry to write this email. I write this with tears rolling down my face. Hanson passed away on Monday, August 25, 2008. It happened quite suddenly and quickly. He collapsed at home at 2:30pm. I had him at the vet at 3:15pm. He was dead just after 4:30pm. They performed an autopsy that night with no solid results of why he died. His pancreas was inflamed and his GI tract was filled with blood clots. He bled to death internally. The vet sent out tissues for further examination. Well, we just heard from our vet. The results of the test showed that Hanson died of Systemic Shock. He did not have pancreatitis. He may have had DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation), which causes a fast death.

We are in complete shock. Our 3 kids started school on Tuesday, 8/26, the day after. They're doing much better now. My husband is doing okay but I still cry a lot. I just can't believe he is gone. The vet is even in shock. He was a sweatheart. We truly loved him and took great care of him. I am the type of person that will take his dog to the vet for coughing or anything that is not right. We're giving Charlie (our other rescue dog) even more hugs and kisses (if that's possible).Thank you once again for everything ABTCR does.

The Morrison Family

1 September 2008

It's been 14 months since Charlie and Hanson came to us. Thank you to all the people who helped get them to us. Charlie was driven to us from Tennessee on a Saturday. Hanson flew to us from Wisconsin 9 days later on a Monday night. Even though we rescued the dogs from ABTCR, they really rescued us. Our 13 1/2 year-old B&T coonhound, Stanley Buford, died the day after we got Hanson. Stanley was my "first-born." Stanley had been very ill for awhile and I truly believe he held on until we had both other dogs.

Charlie (originally Groucho Marx) came from Tennessee. Hanson (originally Hanson) came from Wisconsin. They are 2 of the best dogs we (or our friends) have ever met. They're about 100 pounds each and sweet and gentle. Charlie is "my" dog. Hanson is my husband's dog. Hanson lays at my husband's feet and both of them love to put their heads on our laps and cuddle. They follow us wherever we go. They are wonderful with our 3 small children. In the pictures, Charlie looks like a bloodhound/lab mix. Hanson is the purebred B&T coonhound.

They both went immediately to our vet for check-ups. Both needed dental surgery and had minor physical issues. Through x-rays, we found 4 bullets in Charlie's bum. We also found out that Hanson's lower spine was filled with arthritis. He is on meds for the arthritis and the vet said to leave the bullets alone.

Two weeks after we got Hanson, he developed bloat. It was 10:30pm and luckily we recognized the symptoms. Got him to the emergency room where they performed a 4-hour surgery to fix it. We got him there just in time. The stomach was bruised, no permanent damage.

Two weeks ago Charlie started coughing up blood. He's been at Tufts Hospital in Grafton, MA since then (we live in Massachusetts) where they performed surgery. He had a lung lobe removed (along with its bronchial tube). After 5 days of testing, we got the word that it was inflammation, not a tumor. I can't describe how relieved we all are to get that news. The doctors say that he must have inhaled something in Tennessee and it finally made its way down his respiratory system. He's been coughing a strange cough since we got him, so the doctors believe that's why. Another x-ray showed 2 more bullets in Charlie's chest.

It feels like Charlie and Hanson have been with us forever. Thank you ABTCR for all of your hard work, dedication and love...

The Morrison Family

9 July 2008