Hello all at AB&TC Rescue! Just wanted to send in an update on George. He turns 2yrs. this November and it's mind boggling how fast time has gone by since getting him as a puppy. He was kind of our test to see if the family was ready for a new addition (of the human kind). In November, 2009 George turned 1 year old and the new baby boy (Cooper Grey) was born on Nov.25, 2009. In an instant George became the “middle child” (that’s what my husband calls him).

George has been a wonderful part of our family- from hanging out with our 5 year old daughter in the bathroom (because it can be scary by herself!) to laying quietly by the rocker in the baby’s room while putting him down for a nap (well, as quietly as 75 lb hound can be). He is 100% family dog and could not be any more a part of the our family.

As he is coming to the end of his adolescence we wonder if we will miss the shredded toilet paper rolls, the sandwiches and hotdogs mysteriously vanishing right off the kitchen table, the baby’s adorable giggle from George sniffing his little toes inadvertently tickling him, wondering if the dishes in the dishwasher were “washed” by George licking them spotless or from actually running the dishwasher, his habit for sliding the rugs over the hardwood floors from one room to another, and the most famous one is chewing all the little hands and feet off the millions of Barbies and leaving them otherwise intact!

P He provides us all with funny stories and endless affection. Now, for Carly as a 5 year old making new friends in Kindergarten and having them over and in the future for Cooper to hopefully run around the farm and get into more mischief with!

We always check your site and look at pictures and read the update stories. Keep up the great work! I don’t think we could ever thank you enough for George. I’ve attached some pictures of George in various poses – Asleep in the truck with his head resting on the center console, him on the beach in Ocean City, Md., sitting on the deck, and asleep in Carly’s bed not being a good “sharer” as she would say!

Kristin Grey

1 October 2010

He is doing great! He’s gained some weight and he’s growing! I can tell how much he’s growing by what pieces of furniture he can now get on that he couldn’t when we first got him. His favorite place is the rug right in front of the fireplace. This is the Pointer's favorite place as well and we have a double-sided fireplace so one lays on one side and the other one lays on the other side (small miracles). He’s learned already not to jump up on Carly and likes to snuggle in bed with her often (which she of course loves). He still seems to favor my husband which he loves and he still gets in the shower with him in the morning which cracks me up. He’s even tried to get into the bathtub with Carly at night. I didn’t know Hounds liked the water that much. I can’t wait to take him to the beach (my parents leave in Ocean City). He goes to the door when he wants to go out to potty, however, he is a fair weather pottier and if it’s cold out tries not go outside. We are working on this but, it’s hard to blame him because we’ve had some really cold days.

He’s been wonderful and the whole family is happy he is here. The vet gave him a clean bill of health when he saw him a couple of weeks ago and he is down again this Friday for another check-up.


25 February 2009