"Hard Headed Woman"
(now "Coco")

Coco has been really great and a total joy to us; she loves my 18 year old son Jonathan. When they play together he laughs like you wouldn't believe - she is so funny/silly. It's hilarious watching her run around the yard. I have found the two of them belly up, sound asleep together cuddled on the floor, so cute. She had some chewing issues shortly after getting used to her new home so we began caging her when we're not home - she has taken to that pretty well. Just last night I found out lab, Bosco, in the cage for the first time since he was a little puppy - he loved that cage. Our daily walks have been good, although sometimes a little frustrating. When she gets on a scent it's like someone has flipped a switch. She goes from sweet, little, domesticated Coco to huntin' hound dog. She is also amazingly strong, when in hunting mode - she practically pulls me to whatever she's after. She also is so very protective of our/ "her" property. She also will stand in our bay window and watch what the neighbor kids are doing or watch and send the alarm as our other neighbors come and go. That is so cool, she is doing her job well. She also loves going shopping at the pet store - we just got both dogs' nails clipped and ears washed. She's beautiful and so sweet.

Thanks again,
Jeff and Alicia

Page last updated on 27 September 2006