Cooper, formerly known as Holy Toledo, has made our house his new home. He has been a wonderful puppy and new addition to our family. He now lives with my husband and I, our two girls, 4 and 5, and our resident Coon Hound, Addie Lu. Addie has really taken over the mother role and has become his mentor, protector and play toy! We are so glad to see that she has taken him under her wing and shown him great patience and guidance. Cooper took to her right away and he follows her every move. We crate him throughout the day, although he would rather snuggle along side Addie or take a nap on the couch with the kids. We are still working on the potty training, but in time it will come. The neighborhood has really taken to the little pup and he is the talk of the community on his walks as he is such a great puppy and very "mellow" as everyone has said! Cooper had his first vet visit a week ago. He has doubled his weight and is perfect. He came to us at 10 pounds and is now 20 pounds! He has been very active and goes on walks at least four times a day. We just got him a play pool and he has been playing with his water toys in it! He is usually asleep for the night by nine and gets up around 6:30 in the morining. He has aquired two baskets of chewy toys and a couple he takes to bed with him! We just love him to pieces and we are so grateful for such a wonderful opportunity to adopt him. We will keep you updated on him. Ignore the dates on the bottom of the pictures as I forgot to reset it!

Take care,

Page last updated on 7 July 2008