Quinn and Caddy had another relaxing vacation in the Outer Banks, NC in May 2011 and have been a complete joy to have around. We couldn’t imagine life without hounds, they have wonderfully gentle personalities.

Bruce and Tracy.

12 September 2011

It’s been just over one year since we picked up Quinn who joined Caddy our first Coonhound Rescue dog. They are enjoying their life in central Maryland and take several trips each year to the Outer Banks. When we walk them together, they’re on the hunt and bark continuously. I guess they both like singing their coonhound song to scare out the squirrels or raccoons. We just laugh but I think we wake-up the neighborhood. These pictures are of our most recent trip to Duck, NC where we sat around the pool each morning while they played. Quinn wanted to see how comfortable the Adirondack chair would be. She stayed there longer than we expected. Both Caddy and Quinn are an absolute joy to have around. We couldn’t imagine life without them. Thank you to everyone who involved in Coonhound Rescue.

Tracy, Bruce and Elizabeth

15 August 2010

Quinn is just about 2 years and 3 months now and she’s a complete joy to have around and very affectionate. She and Caddy are virtually inseparable. These pictures are from our vacation to the Outer Banks for the week after Christmas. Both Quinn and Caddy enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels in the trees and loved their morning and evening walk on the beach.

We’re so glad we adopted a second hound. Hounds are dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs so much. We think they understand each other more than we’ll ever know.


28 January 2010

We rescued our second Coonhound, Fiona now Quinn. Quinn joined Caddy, our first Coonhound rescue, as well as Carrie (a stray we found 11 years ago) and Casey our first dog (who’s now 14 years old). After a rough first week, Quinn has learned the routine and is fitting in to our pack very well. Quinn loves her daily naps and walks.

Caddy is doing very well and just enjoyed his 2nd family vacation to the Outer Banks. While on our way to North Carolina in June we stopped by Caddy’s foster home for a visit and met Quinn. We fell in love with this affectionate Coonie and picked her up on our way home.


19 July 2009

This is Caddy's first trip to the beach in Duck, NC. He was afraid of the waves at first but quickly warmed up to the noise. Caddy romps in the wake and loves the beach and sand. We took him into the pool where he had his first swim. He's very interested in the bay but hasn't jumped in, yet. Caddy loves his vacation and we're so proud of him.

21 September 2008

My name is Caddy (formerly Hot Dog of the "Red Neck Chili Peppers" litter). My brother Cargo (Catfish) and I look almost identical. I miss playing with Cargo, but I love my new brother and sister (Casey and Carrie) who run and play with me whenever I want. My family and I live in Central Maryland. I was adopted in January 2008 and want to thank my foster mom, Claudia, who took wonderful care of me before and after my other siblings were adopted. I enjoy attention all the time and can lift my leg while sleeping to get a scratch on the inside of my back legs. I had my first birthday on May 1st and got a puppy lollypop and graduated from advanced puppy training in April.


We love having a coonhound in our home. Caddy is such a joy to be around. He loves everyone, and he gets a lot of attention when we take him out. Caddy loves running in the park, and taking long walks. Caddy wakes up every day happy and ready to play.

Tracy, Bruce and Elizabeth

7 July 2008