We've now had Flynn for over six months and we are just starting to see his true personality. At first he was really unsure about playing, but he is now sweet, snuggly, and learning that people can be a lot of fun! We have made quite a few car trips since Flynn came to live with us and he has proven to be a great traveler… He settles right in and curls up for the whole car ride. He continues to get a lot of attention with his long ears and sad brown eyes, but despite his saddest looks and greatest attempts to play dumb we have made a lot of progress with training. He will now sit, lie down, crawl, play dead, speak, and stay. He gets along really well with all of the animals, including the cat who is rather disgusted at sharing her house with a dog! We've found that he really enjoys chasing the birds that land in the backyard and is very proud with himself for chasing them off. He's also been enjoying the snow, although it took him a few minutes at first to go out and play!

He still has some separation anxiety when we are out of his sight and the linoleum floor is still "slippery" in his mind, but he has days now when these are not such a big deal. He has just been a great dog and we've really enjoyed having him around. We couldn't ask for a more mellow or gentle dog! We sent a few pictures… one of him enjoying a nice dust bath when we visited a lake this summer, and one of him sneaking his way into bed early in the morning. He would love to be a lap dog, but at 80 lbs. he's just a bit too big!

Thank you for such a great dog!
Stephanie and Dax

11 January 2008

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Flynn. He's just the most awesome dog, and I love him to death! He's been a total sweetheart. He spends the night sleeping on his dog bed in my room. He was a little worried about the linoleum floor in the laundry room at first, but he now cautiously crosses. He's been going to my parents' house with me when I go to take care of the horses and he gets along perfectly with the cats and the other dogs, however, the horses are still a little scary! He gets a little worried and vocal if I get too far out of sight for him, but he's always very happy as soon as I'm back. Some of his playful side is starting to come out, and we've started working on a few basic obedience commands. He is definitely smart, however he has shown a little of his willful side :) He likes going for rides in the car and is very well behaved when he does.

The people who have seen him so far are all very curious about him. Black and Tans aren't very common around here. I've only had one person who knew what he was. We stopped at Petsmart today to pick up some items and he got a lot of attention from everyone who saw him!

I don't think we could have chosen a more perfect dog for us, I'm just so happy! I'll send more updates and pictures as time goes.

Thank you again for everything!

24 June 2007