It's time for our Karma update. The big girl is fabulous, as always. We recently added a new addition to the pack - a 7 month old female Redbone Coonhound whom we named Kismet, as we felt it was meant to be! The description given was that of a 3-4 month old Bloodhound, and I jumped in the car with Karma and drove to North Carolina to see if she passed the "Karma" test. She did, with flying colors and the 2 have been pretty much inseparable since. It was pretty obvious that there wasn't a drop of Bloodhound in the little mischief maker :) Looking at the pictures, you could say she "took her under her wing." The pics on the deck were taken about 15 minutes after getting home from the road trip to pick up Kismet. Karma would have been such a good mom! We still aren't sure where the curly tail comes from. Anyway, it makes for a good story that we adopted our Bloodhound from the Coonhound Rescue, and our Coonhound from the Bloodhound Rescue!

I had been out of work and recently started back and was concerned about how Karma would handle it as an only dog - she has pretty much been by my side all day every day for over a year. Kismet has made the transition much easier, and I don't feel guilty leaving them to play while my husband works from home. Karma is the perfect role model, and tries to show Kismet the rules of the house. She has much more patience than me some days and puts up with the puppy play and toy stealing, but lets her know nicely when she's gone too far. She is the most gentle, sweet dog I have known. Watching her with Kismet and our friend's puppy reveals her maternal instincts to care for and protect her pack.

I took a pet photography course and Karma is never one to shy away from a camera. She is such a ham and knows how to strike a pose!! Take care and thanks again for all you do for these wonderful sweet dogs.

Joanna and John Bowyer

1 July 2009

I thought I'd send another update on our silly hound. She is doing great! We go to the dog park 5 days a week and are still going to our weekly Sit Means Sit Atlanta training class. She has so much fun with both. She and the cats have reached a truce and everyone piles on the bed to sleep. Never one to shy away from the camera, I am sending some more funny pictures. The one where she stuck her nose in the door handle of the car makes me laugh every time- she had just finished a long morning at training class and couldn't hold her head up any more. We participated in 4 fund raiser walks this last fall, and Karma was a big hit with everyone.

We sent in a DNA test just for fun, and it came back as 99% Bloodhound, 1% English Coonhound, with a dash of Poodle in her ancestry. We got a good laugh out of the Poodle part!

Thank you again for helping us make our doggie connection. I recently had surgery, and Karma's smiling face keeps me in good spirits and has helped me get back on my feet with our daily activities. Duke's dad at the dog park put it best- she is a gentle soul. I can't imagine not having her in my life- she is my buddy and goes everywhere with me. We have given some serious thought to adding a hound dog sibling, but are waiting for the right time and the right dog- we've been so spoiled by Karma's easy going nature and don't want to upset a good thing!

With much gratitude,
- Joanna and John Bowyer

3 December 2008

It's time for my Karma update! She is doing great- we are enrolled in a remote collar training class with Sit-Means-Sit, and have group class every Saturday. Nobody thought that a hound dog could be at the head of the class?! She LOVES it (and her trainer, Vanessa).

We now have an agility course for her at home- she loves the hoop and the jumps and will often "take a lap" through her course when running with her ball. She has become quite the retriever, although, as hard as she tries, she cannot catch a frisbee in the air. We are still pursuing the scent training, and making progress. I believe in letting a dog do what they were born to do! Besides, once she's on a trail, you 're just along for the ride. Here are some new photos of her... those ears will make you laugh!

Joanna and John Bowyer

2 April 2008

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Karma (aka Instant Karma)! She is the sweetest dog- everyone in her training class and at the dog park comments on her wonderful personality, super soft coat, and of course the ears. We are currently enrolled in remote collar training with Sit-Means-Sit and are in the beginning stages of scent training for search and rescue. She and the cats have reached an understanding, although she and our big fat cat love to tease each other. Thanks again for such a wonderful dog- we love the goofy girl!!

Joanna and John Bowyer

19 November 2007

I just wanted to say thanks for taking such good care of me until my new family took me in. I have it pretty good here - a huge fenced back yard to run through the woods and smell the deer, rabbits, raccoons and squirrels - and my own private screened-in porch that goes down to the deck and dog run. The couch is my favorite place to rest, even though my mom and dad have several "doggie" beds they would prefer I use - if they think they're so great, why don't they use them?!?

I'm still not to sure about the dress-up stuff they make me wear, but it seems to make them smile so I put up with it. Besides, I AM rather photogenic and don't mind being in front of a camera. I do have my own backpack for longer walks, and a reflective vest for walking in the dark. I graduated first level obedience last week at Jabula Dog Academy (mind you, not first in my class, but passing IS passing, right?!?) and start level two next week.

The cats are OK, the old black cat is my favorite - he sits still and lets me lick him from head to toe. Sometimes we snuggle up on the couch together. The girls like to tease me, but let me sniff and lick them a little. The fat one just hisses, so I leave him alone.

I hope the other hounds that you are helping are as luck as me in finding their forever homes. I am secretly hoping for a brother or sister to romp around with - we'll see what happens.

With much gratitude,
Karma Bowyer

7 July 2007

Just wanted to let you know that Miss Karma is settling in just fine!! Has sniffed the cats and moved on, whined a little when one ran from her, but stopped when told "no!". So far, so good. She is making herself right at home.

Joanna and John

11 May 2007