Our best friend still. She is always trying to fit herself in small beds, curling up tight as a ball to do it. Either that or stretching out on loveseat almost falling off. Her personality develops daily. Now hides in my closet during thunderstorms,,,just started doing that within past month, not sure why. Due to her fascination with my sonís dogís toys, she is not allowed any toys but a nylabone because she will entirely try to devour it. Loves the husband/wife team that board her or bathe her and has them under her spell also. They usually only take small dogs but have made exception to Gracie because they love her so much. Only gets out of bed for walks or food time, otherwise always in a bed (her own or ours).


20 April 2014

Gracie (aka Ivy) came to us at a time our hearts were still aching for our last bloodhound. Now while she is a bloodhound/redbone coon dog, it means she carries the qualities of both which makes her unique to us. She has fit into our family easily and has welcomed extended family as well. While she may be stubborn most of the time, I at least know where to always find her---on one of her beds somewhere in the house or in her crate. She loves to sleep and snore loudly but can sure race her body into action if it means a walk, bike ride with us, or food time. Gracie has taken on the role of protector of her Beagle companion, Elway (15 years old), and is the love of all that come in contact with her. It was through the rescue that I developed a bond not only with Gracie but with her foster mother Cheri that kept me up to date on Gracie and answered my every question prior to her arriving to me. It was through the gracious efforts of volunteers that Gracie arrived safely to me from Georgia to Florida. I thank all who brought this precious dog to our home. The poem sent with Gracie upon her adoption summed up so much. As my husband said when Gracie came to us, ďLetís help her unpack.Ē Gracie has had no problem unpacking; in fact, we canít even find her baggage anymore!!

Joel and Sharyl

6 November 2013