Just wanted to send along a few recent photos of my coonie girl, Priscilla, who still holds the title of The Most Photogenic Dog. She is a wonderful traveling companion and enjoys taking in the beautiful sights of the Pacific Northwest as long as she is with her people. She’s my best friend and continues to be one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Kristin Brown and Priscilla

21 April 2011

Just wanted to check in with an update on Priscilla (formerly Jasmine from GA). We're still living in Seattle and Priscilla is living life on her own terms, as always. She has become quite the escape artist on occasion and happily met more neighbors and charmed more dinners from people than anyone I've ever known. Always the social butterfly, she never fails to mesmerize and wow everyone at the pet store, also wooing innumerable treats from them as well. Never mind counter-surfing there, now she has taken to just going behind the register herself and surreptitiously demanding treats from the cashier.

A recent move brought on a relapse of her separation anxiety, though thankfully not as severe as our first go-round after adoption. She's doing much better now, though now she's also taken to anxiety during car rides. She and my cat Athena get along splendidly and Cilla delights in having her very own live chew toy. The two of them together have brought more laughs than I can begin to describe.

Reading all of the other stories has affirmed to me that this special breed has its fair share of issues. And yet I seriously doubt there is a more rewarding, loving, happy-go-lucky dog on this planet. I love her more than mere words can ever do justice to explain and I cannot imagine how much joy I would have missed out on without her gracing my life with her goofy, gangly, neurotic, sweet presence. She is nothing less than wonderful.

Thank you for all you do.
Kristin Brown and Priscilla

4 March 2009

Thanks so much for the 2007 Year of Ears calendar… I swear Priscilla knew she was in it, as she sniffed and sniffed and sniffed at the calendar and then danced around as I pulled it out of the box! What a thrill to turn to December and see her beautiful, drooling face there.

Priscilla (Cilla) is doing really well out here in the Pacific Northwest. I was looking at her the other day and it was amazing to me to see how much she has matured and how far she has come. You would never know that this was the same dog who would not let me leave the house for even a minute without howling her head off and destroying the blinds, books, and dvds. She has grown to be a well-adjusted, incredibly intelligent, quirky and wonderful girl who is without a doubt the light of my life. We start off each day with a brief performance of the “breakfast dance” (she spins and twirls on her hind legs), but she saves her best work for “dinner dance” in the evening. Don’t be fooled – a full belly will never stop her from counter-surfing for the fresh-out-of-the-oven treats that are in the kitchen. Cilla has to be constantly monitored when people food is left unguarded anywhere in the house.

She graduated with flying colors from obedience school in May and constantly amazes me with her intelligence and ability to be in tune to human emotion. She really is quite the character. When she settles in for the evening (on our bed, of course), you can hear her from two rooms away digging and spinning and pawing at the comforter to get it to the right comfort level. She then collapses heavily onto her nest and rolls on her back, singing a lovely song for several minutes. If you catch her in this nightly ritual, she immediately plays possum until you tell her to stop – then she continues rolling and singing louder than before. Although rebellious by nature, she quickly transforms into a helpless innocent “angel” if you so much as look at her sternly.

She recently enjoyed an unusually heavy Seattle snowfall. She loathes the rain and will hold her bladder for days if it’s raining, but she can never turn down a good snowfall. Here are some pictures from her latest adventure over the holidays.

Thank you so much for this wonderful girl. I don’t know what life would be without her.
Kristin Brown

19 January 2007

Priscilla has been with me for a year -- Augie and her daughter found her wandering and underweight along a road in Georgia and took her in. We made the 7+ hour drive to get her and were immediately greeted with big coonie kisses. My heart was taken from that moment on! And it's a good thing, too -- a serious case of separation anxiety, 2 cancer scares, and one cross country move happened in only a year's time. She's healthy, a hefty 75 pounds (the vet told me to cut back her food and increase her exercise...oops!), her anxiety has alleviated for the most part, and she is a wonderful, happy girl. She's the craziest, most unique, and loveable dog I've ever known. Even for all the money, stress, and worry she's helped incur, I wouldn't trade any of it for the blessing of having her in my life. I'm so thankful to the ABTC rescue and her foster mom for helping to bring us together. She's Priscilla the Wonder Hound and the light of my life! :)


10 November 2005