I just wanted to give the rescue an update on my adoptee "Jasmine". I adopted Jaz almost four years ago and have LOVED having her as my coonie! She still follows her older sister around and they both keep the stable free of those intrusive squirrels. She loves to run with me while I'm riding and both coondogs have free run of the farm. I can tell she is so happy to have a family and she is such a loyal dog. I won't own anything besides coondogs for the rest of my life, I've gotten so lucky with both of my special girls. I can't wait until I can get a bigger place so I can adopt the girls a brother.

Thank you so much for letting me adopt this silly, squirrel chasing girl.
Lindsay Horton

24 April 2013

I picked up Jasmine on August 9 and she has been a joy to have around! My older coondog, Emily, who I found on the side of the road, loves playing chase with her, and afterwards they fall asleep on top of each other on the dog bed. When I'm riding my horses, she loves to run right alongside us with a HUGE smile on her face! We found out she is an excellent swimmer and loves to go in the pool with her new sister and cousins, and chasing squirrels up the palm trees. She's gained quite a bit of weight already and looking good. My parents love it when we come over because Jasmine is such a goofball, always following everyone around just to see what they are up to. She loves to be pampered and bathed and then go and run through the mud! She is definitely a character that people can't help but love!

Thank you for helping me find the most perfect addition to the family! And check out her nails!! She's very spoiled already!

Lindsay Horton and the girls

30 September 2009