Here is an update on Bindi after one year as I am sure you wonder what has happened to all of the little souls you have rescued. These coonhounds are so loving and so hilarious! Bindi is very smart - it is amazing. We did do obedience in which she excelled in class and was bored waiting for all of the other dogs but, she is still a coonhound and we will never let her off a leash in an uncontrolled setting. We live in the country with lots of exciting scents in the air and her natural instincts would definitely take over.

We run every day, and she still "calls the dogs" when we first get started. It is funny, but it is distinctively so pretty to hear. There are a few people out here that know she is a coonhound from their previous experience and they always talk to her with such love and admiration. One older gentleman asked me, "Is she a real coonhound?" and I said, "Yes sir, she is." He lit up like a Christmas tree!

Anyway - you can see that your work with these special dogs has been truly a divine intervention of some sort - I really believe that. Not only are the dogs rescued, but I think some of the people that adopt them are rescued as well by their sweet and spirited ways. Thank you for all of the hard work you do.

Best regards,

11 June 2008

She is doing great, becoming more comfortable and a little more bold and still adjusting with the other two dogs. I have been taking her for long walks every day to help condition her and next week we are starting obedience training. When we are walking, she always looks at people like she might be looking for her owner. She is such a good dog.

Best regards,
Barbara Huey

15 June 2007