Sammi is such a wonderful baby!! I don't know how our family ever lived without her!! She is Cooper's (our Redbone) very best friend. They wrestle, play tug of war, and always walk side by side. She also does well with our older dog, Rosie. You were right, she does love to be snuggled! Almost every night she lays in my bed with me until it's time for her to go "night night" and get in her crate. She has also done very well going into her crate. We had to get her to understand that she couldn't share Cooper's, but we've got that taken care of now. My boys love Sammi and she loves then just the same. My 8 year old loves to walk her on the leash and she will stay right beside him. My vet said that we could not have been blessed with a better pet.

Thank you so much for putting Sammi with my family! We are all totally in love with all three of our "babies" (dogs)

Take care,
Amy Muse

Page last updated on 25 July 2007