Another update on our wonderful Ruby. She's been with us for over two years now and the time has really gone by fast. We just had our first baby a couple of months ago, and both hounds were perfect. In fact Ruby took her newborn hat and blanket we brought home from the hospital and slept with them in her doggie bed. I attached a photo of our other hound, Duke, and first baby introductions (love his expression!), and Ruby for the holidays.

Needless to say, the dogs are still high on our list. Some people warned us once you have a baby, the dogs get less attention. Ours still get their daily walk, sleep in our bed (baby sleeps in her crib) and now get more treats from the Grandmas!

Thank you rescue for all you do!!
Kaisa, Brad, Vivienne and Duke and Ruby

4 January 2011

Here are our hounds in their holiday best. Ruby continues to be a wonderfully loving and sweet dog. She's become a bit more dog aggressive as she's gotten older, but we are working on that. We hope to be back to the dog parks in no time. Her nose is amazing and they both just caught their first squirrel. They were proud but we weren't as excited about the clean up.

Thank you again for all you do for these fantastic dogs!
Kaisa and Brad

4 January 2010

We have had Ruby for a year today! It's gone so fast. We couldn't be happier. Ruby and her brother, Duke, are inseparable. She is so sweet and loving. She now spends her time intimidating local squirrels, lounging in her custom bed, eating (too many) treats and wrestling with Duke.

Thank you for providing a safe place for these amazing dogs.
Kaisa and Brad

27 September 2009

Our little Ruby is adjusting so well. She has been so easy and blended right in from the start - she arrived an hour after we got back from our honeymoon! She thrives at doggie daycare and we just passed beginner level in doggie school, now onto intermediate. She fills her days wrestling and sleeping with her old brother (another rescue hound from the humane society). She is just so adorable and sweet, even when she snores all night! We couldn't be happier and tell everyone about your rescue. There aren't many hounds up here in Minnesota, but we are hoping to change that! We like to think our guys are good ambassadors!

Thank you again for all you do and for bringing Ruby into our lives. We are so grateful!
Kaisa and Brad

24 January 2009

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Coonhound Rescue, Jayne, Deanne, and Mark! Our new little girl has made herself at home in Minnesota (we'll see how the winter goes). It seems like she's been here forever. From day one, she has been the very best dog. She and her new brother, Duke, have not stopped wrestling and getting into trouble since she arrived. They also love taking naps together, going to doggie daycare, and cruising around the dog park daily. We'll definitely be sending more pictures and keeping the updates coming. But, for now, we just wanted to let everyone know how much we love our newest hound dog!!

Brad and Kaisa

31 October 2008