We adopted Gigi (Bluetick) about 8 years ago and she is doing well and is a healthy and happy 9 year old. Last year after Goofy passed away we adopted Jackson (B&T). Jackson is now 2 and has been with us one year. He took about 6 months to come out of his shell. They both love the beach, car rides, and digging up the yard looking for moles. They are inseparable.


29 June 2015

I can't believe Goofy is 8 and Gigi is 6 as they are still so energetic and playful. They are both doing very well in Bloomfield Hills, MI after 18 long months in Toronto, Canada. Both dogs are very healthy and enjoy long walks, chasing squirrels and of course car rides. Gigi loves to get into the water whenever she can and Goofy is happy to stand near the water line and howl. There is a great dog day care in Virginia Beach (The Dog House) that they attend once a year and they both spend hours swimming in the pool, I am not sure how they get Goofy into that water. I cannot imagine life without these two crazy hounds!


19 June 2012

We have been transferred to Toronto, Canada and Goofy and Gigi are doing very well. While we humans do not love Toronto - Goofy and Gigi have adapted very well. We are on the 17th floor in a high rise condo and they love the balcony. We had to do some additional training to limit their howling at other dogs in the building, and to stop Gigi from lunging at other people's take out food in the elevator! Now both are well behaved in the elevator and have embraced their new life style. These two are inseparable!


4 July 2011

Hocus Pocus, now Gigi, has been with us just over a week and it feels like she has been here for years! She is one of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs I have come across. She bonded to our family quickly and loves all the trails and parks in Seattle. She spends hours playing with Goofy and hates to get up early in the morning! We have to wake her several times if it is before 7 AM as she is nestled in a bed in a spare bedroom. Gigi loves going for walks, going for drives, and of course food…

We rescued Goofy about 3 years ago when Jayne directed us to him in TN. He is doing very well; loves the beach, playing fetch and tug-of-war and is very vocal….He howls out of the sunroof on drives and the vet and pet-store staff know him well as he howls up a storm when he gets excited. Goofy and Gigi are members of our family and have been inseparable.


27 June 2008

We drove from Washington, D.C. to Tennessee last fall with our 15 year old coonhound, Willie, to meet and adopt Kelsey. Renamed "Goofy," he is doing well. He has come a long way and can now walk through the neighborhood without howling at the squirrels, and does well in the house.


12 March 2006