We're so glad to have Jack and Luna in our lives! They arrived here in Southern California a week apart and were almost instantly the best of friends. Even though Jack outweighs Luna by over 35 lbs she can certainly give as good as she gets. Coonies are pretty rare out here so they've generated quite a bit of interest as we walk them through our neighborhood.

Jack is afraid of fireworks (as we discovered on the 4th of July) and he also hates lawn sprinklers - don't know what he's going to do if we ever have another rainy winter. He's such a love and was quickly a major part of our family.

Luna is pretty independent until she's left behind while I take Jack on his morning walk and we're still working on her housetraining. She's great on the leash.

We're so grateful to their foster moms. It's wonderful having dogs in the house again.

Debbie and Dave Musser

Page last updated on 10 July 2007