We adopted Tanner from you a little over three years ago. These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving day. He loves to run around in our wooded area behind our house.... but occasionally gets himself into trouble. I could hear him barking but didn't know where he was. I followed the bark and finally found him. Somehow he wound up on this uprooted tree surrounded by water. (He hates the water and won't even get his feet wet.) All I can imagine is he saw a duck or something and didn't realize what he was doing. He refused to jump off into the water. I tried putting a log down, which you'll see in one of the pictures, trying to coax him off. He still refused and I had to get in the water and pull him toward me. We now call that little piece of earth, "Tanner Island."

He's such a great dog......and more than a little spoiled. He has been a handful for sure, but what a character. There is more personality wrapped up in this one dog than I would have ever thought possible.


24 November 2012

Tanner is 4 months old now!

29 September 2009