About a month ago we adopted Kosmo, now Buster Brown. He was being fostered by my parents and he has been a GREAT addition to our family. After travelling throughout most of the midwest, he has settled right into having his own home with us. He loves playing with his older brother, Indie, and they LOVE going to the dog park and playing in the ponds together. Buster is hilarious and he loves to eat, you would think that we never feed him! He is the happiest and friendliest dog; everywhere we go he makes new friends, both of the human and canine kind:) Everyone wants to know what kind of dogs we have and I must say having a coonhound/boxer and coonhound/shar pei/??? do make for interesting conversation. Rescue dogs are the BEST!!!!

Sarah Haile and Francis Bautista

Page last updated on 21 September 2007