Just wanted to let you know how well Keeper is doing. We love him to death and he is probably the best dog we have ever owned...so loyal, so kind, so patient and sweet. Here are a few of his most recent pictures... he loves to be on camera and he often poses.

Maria, Scott, Lizzie and Eric

8 February 2009

Keeper is very well adjusted. He ran away after two days of being with us and we found him after three hours. Scott tackled him. He got off his collar. The second time he got off while I was walking him and after Lizzie went into the woods he got spooked by something and he came right to her. He sleeps with her in her twin bed and loves to play. He is a sweet boy and has learned tons of tricks. He is very smart and learns tricks in less than twenty minutes. He knows how to speak, give me your paw, lay down, crawl, stay, come, heel and halt. He has been to obedience school and has passed every testing thus far. He goes to the gold star training program through our vet and is doing extremely well. Especially with the walking with a loose leash. He used to tug and tug and now is doing much better. I see a lot more new pups in your website and they are all beautiful dogs. I hope they find good homes.

Take care and have a wonderful holiday,
Maria, Scott, Lizzie and Eric

6 January 2007