"Queen Latifah (now "Maddie")"

I wanted to send in a quick update on Maddie's progress. Even though I've only had her for 5 weeks, we are really making some strides. She has begun some obedience training, and is learning the basic commands. She's one of the loudest in the group, but also one of the cutest.
She is becoming adjusted to "city life" in the nation's capitol. We enjoyed walking around the National Mall, and we're waiting for it to snow, so we can get some good "glamour" shots. Maddie expressed to me that she wants to be on the 2007 rescue calendar. Of course, it wouldn't be possible if she hadn't taken so many steps toward learning to walk on the leash. Come to think of it, that's a pun ... so many steps.
Anyhow, to quote the Carpenters, we've only just begun. But I did want to share some cute photos, so if someone else is thinking about adopting, they'll take the plunge. I also want to say thanks to Dee Holbrook who is always willing to try to help a new dog owner with tips, and is a fellow "softie".

Thanks again.
James M. Alpert
Alexandria, VA

14 November 2005


Here are some new pictures of Maddie, mostly of her lazying around at home. I assure you, however, that we do get out to the dog park quite frequently where she usually has a good time wrastlin' with a variety of different doggies. Overall, things seem to be going fairly well, and she seems to have settled in.

I hope that you can keep placing these dogs in good homes... sometimes I just can't see how so many people seem to keep you all working. Anyway, we'll keep you posted, and thanks again.

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