Mom would tuck me in every night this winter.

We had lots of great adventures in the last year.
This is my second trip to Sam Baker State Park.
I liked the couch best.

Of course, lying in the creek at Sam Baker isn’t bad either.
I really got over my fear of the water in the last year.
Mom and Dad were really patient and kept trying.
They take me for lots of rides,
I wish the car were as easy to get used to as the water.

By the end of the day I was really tired so I took a long nap.
When I woke up we were ready to go home.

Jayne, Donna, and all the rest of the wonderful people at American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue, we wanted to write to you since we’ve had Blue in our lives for a year now. She’s made so much progress, even in the last couple of months. She wags her tail more now and she isn’t as skittish around loud noises. We started clicker training and she’s kind of getting it. She had her year check up with the vet and she’s 83 pounds now. The Dr would like to see her shed between five and ten pounds. So we’ve cut back a bit here and there and of course the daily walks should do the rest.

Thanks again for all you do. And Donna, thank you for letting me stay with you while I found my forever home.

Lindy Blue

Michelle Morse

24 August 2008

Blue is doing great. She smiles all the time now and has put on a few pounds in her forever home. She gets tucked into her doggy bed every night and has her own comforter….LOL….

She has sit, down and stay conquered and will even shake your hand if you ask. She has become quite the socialite in our neighborhood with her favorite being Connie on top of the hill where we walk twice a day. Of course Connie loves Blue and has plenty of hugs and kisses for her. She loves to hang out with her four legged buddies Molly and Maddie, and Keith their owner gets a loud bay when he comes out to join in the fun. This is Blue’s only off leash time and we still have to keep a close eye on her since her nose tends to take her off into the woods and into the valley, where her hearing seems to decrease as the scent increases.

We hope you had a great holiday season. Keep up the great work!

Michelle Morse

6 January 2008

It’s hard to believe Blue has been with us for a month, she is so much a part of our family. When Lindy Blue first arrived she was indifferent to my husband and I. She acknowledged the presence of Colter, her new brother, and basically ignored our senior, Jude. Cats weren’t even on her radar. We would come home from work and she would walk away from us while our other two were letting us know they were so glad to see us.

Now -- about that greeting, did I say she was indifferent? Can we have a little of that back? About two weeks after Blue came to live with us, she started baying for us when we arrived home, and when she knew it was “kong” or dinner time. Now we have a long-legged, floppy eared whirlwind to greet us upon our arrival. We think she’s finally starting to get comfortable and trust that happy endings do happen.

Blue has taken her first big excursion and decided swimming may not be her thing. We will take her again in October so she can try it again. She will be camping with everyone this weekend, we shall see how she does with the camp environment.

Michelle Morse

18 September 2007