Ellie Mae continues to bring us joy and laughter everyday! She is approaching 3 yrs old now and is at a healthy 88 lbs. She loves life everyday and especially our visits to the dog park to play with all her human and furry friends. Ellie Mae has never met a stranger and even with her large size she is always able to put them at ease quickly. It's wonderful how much we can all learn from our furry family members.

Her greatest love is snuggling (a must that she sleeps in the human bed) and playing with her little sis Scout who is almost 2 now. Ellie Mae was the most stubborn puppy we've ever raised but she has blossomed into a beautiful, loving companion. I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING:)

Thanks to the Coonhound Rescue for all the selfless work you do to make sure these wonderful dogs find forever homes.

All the best in 2011-
JD & Kris Fite

4 January 2011

Ellie Mae is one of the funniest, goofiest and orneriest dogs I have ever known (hence her nickname "Ellie Mayhem"). She continues to provide our home with laughter and she proves our continued love for the Black & Tan Coonhound breed. We have NO idea what her daddy is, but she didn't get her HUGE head from her momma. (her other nickname is "Big Beef")

Ellie has now been in 2 photo shoots (which she LOVES). I have attached a few pictures to show off our little super star. The shots with the teen age girl was taken by the famous Billy Howard! The shots were used to promote the Humane Society and the teenage volunteer at a private school in Atlanta. She also attends Doguroo doggie daycare a few days a week located in mid town Atlanta. The other photo is Ellie Mae representing Doguroo with her big grin and tongue hanging out. She's a natural and loves to be with people and other dogs. Ellie knows how important it is to promote the Humane Society AND all the good times at Doguroo!

We hope all Ellie's litter mates are doing well and the families are enjoying their companionship as much as we do with Ms Ellie!

Happy Summer,
Kris Fite

26 July 2009

Ellie Mae is full of puppy life with a spring in her step and has adapted very well in our home. Her big sister (Sierra) and big brother (Ben) provide a well balanced home of yin and yang for Ellie Mae. Some moments are filled with playing with Sierra (yang) and other moments are filled with “learning the art of lounging” from her Coonie brother, Ben (yin). Ellie Mae is a brilliant Coonie and has learned sit, stay, lay down, leave it and the word treat. If we can only teach her that Saturday and Sunday’s we can sleep past 6:30AM.........

Ellie Mae will continue to hang out and be the “studio dog” at Mom’s work and will start doggie daycare twice a week to make lifelong puppy friends. She keeps us laughing everyday and I know for years to come she will bring joy in our home.

Thanks to Molly and her family for so lovingly taking the puppies and their Mom in and providing a beautiful environment to grow! I hope all Ellie Mae’s littermates are doing well. We are grateful for the rescue and all the work that HAS been accomplished and WILL be accomplished in the future!

Happy Summer!
JD and Kris Fite
Atlanta, GA

16 June 2008