We just wanted to give you an update on Little Miss Sunshine (aka Zoe Girl). She is doing wonderful and is scheduled to graduate basic obedience school on Monday. She gets along great with everyone in our house and even has a Great Dane friend named Shelby. They will be class mates as they move on to Advanced Obedience classes.

Zoe goes almost everywhere with us and has settled in very nicely. She shares a king size bed with Art and me. The girls try to get her to sleep with them but she prefers the bigger bed so she can stretch out and sleep. She loves to chew...................she chews on everything......carpet, clothes, shoes, toys, etc... :) Now, instead of tripping over the girls' toys, I'm tripping over the dog's toys. We've replaced a nice wool area rug and shams for our bed but that's ok, she's learning what she can and cannot chew on. We wouldn't trade her for anything.

She loves to play outside but we cannot leave her out there unattended as she chases all the poor squirrels up the trees. She gets lots of exercise between chasing the squirrels and the girls when they go out to play. Then, she comes in, gets a drink, and slobbers all over the floor. It's not long before she is back at the door barking to go out and chase some more squirrels.

We are headed up to our cabin in the mountains next month. She's already been there once and although she's graduating obedience school, we'll need to keep her on a leash when we go for walks. The obvious hound in her is sure to take off at the first scent she picks up.

We are so happy to have her in our lives. She is a great companion for all of us and is another one of the girls now.


Page last updated on 25 November 2007