We have now had Daisy with us for almost a year. She is doing just fine. She loves to hear the harmonica and sings along. She bathes our 2 cats regularly. They were a little put off by this at first but have now come to enjoy their Daisy love. As you can see in the pics, she is a very calm girl and enjoys her R&R. She now weighs about 70 pounds and has more than doubled in size since we got her. She is still a goofy, lovable, sweet dog.

Thanks Again to B&T Rescue,
Kara & Aaron

18 June 2008

Lois Lane, now known as Daisy (sometimes Daisy Duke, sometimes Miss Daisy) is adjusting to life in Northern California really well. She has learned many new things. She is very smart. She has learned to sit, shake, and lay down. She has only had 2 ooops in the house...and both times she was deep asleep on the couch. I think she was dreaming and thought she was outside...I assume it's new home stress. Our Vet loves her! Her health is great and she will be heartworm tested in a few months. She loves her daily evening walks....she has met many neighborhood friends, canine and human. Our neighbor a couple of blocks away has a Red Bone hound..talk about a bay fest when they meet up! It is too funny to see these two bay at each other! Every evening upon returning from our walk, our neighbor up the street checks in on Daisy's progress and has a cookie for her and her brother, Huckleberry. When he happens to not be outside...she will sit at his driveway and bay for him..too cute!

Daisy is a smart, goofy, lovable girl, we already cannot imagine life without her. Thank you again for making this possible.....and Kelly, thank you sooooo much for taking care of our dear sweet girl!

I will keep you all updated, many thanks to B&T Coonhound Rescue!

Kara and Aaron

20 August 2007