I'm delighted to tell you we've had a wonderful week with our new family member. Larry enrolled her in a local obedience class that runs 8 weeks for an hour each Sunday. She's evidently had some training as she picked it up very easily. Her obedience classes are going very well; the instructor says Savannah is bonding well with Larry and they walk all the time so are a good pair.

Today was my first day back at work and I was able to dash home at lunch and check on her....she was peacefully snoozing. So much for missing me! The cats are doing great (this was our main worry) and the shy one actually stays on our bed with her now. Larry has chosen a new name for her: Savannah.

The close-up under the tree was the very first day at her new home (Tucker dug a hole for his tummy and Savannah stepped right in and made herself comfy). Savannah loves meal time and I think you can see her weight looks good; her coat is very shiny and soft to touch. Last night at the dog park she was running full-out with a coonie mix; it's wonderful to see her at full speed! She continues to take clothes from high hooks in the closet and leave them in the living room, but if that's the worst of it, that's OK!

Thanks again for all you do.

Page last updated on 9 August 2007