I thought I would give you an update on this truly miraculous dog. Last January, Julep was diagnosed with oral melanoma which fortunately had not spread. We opted for a partial jaw removal and immunotherapy which appeared to work until late August when the tumor returned in a very aggressive fashion. We were offered an opportunity to put her in a clinical trial program which did not cause her any pain and was at no cost to us except for her daily drug. Julep and I just got back from our follow-up appointment today and she is still cancer-free. We never expected her to live through the summer never mind Christmas. This is the best present we could ever have received. We are thinking that she probably was not 8 years old in 2006 when we adopted her: ) She still loves to eat, countersurf, and lay in a sunbeam. She also likes to boss around our other coonhound who we adopted in 2009 after fostering her for many months. I have attached a picture of Julep for you. We hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Donna K. Keehbler

21 December 2011

She is doing great. Julep loves walking (especially on the beach) and any new dog toys that we bring home for her; The Hedgehog and Skunk appear to be her 2 favorites. Her house manners are also great. We don’t have a doggie door so if and when she needs to go out at night, she comes upstairs and wakes me up (I'm the gamma-dog) by tapping my head with paw until I wake up.

She is still timid around other dogs but recently there were 2-3 instances where she was happy with outwardly friendly dogs that wanted to play. Apparently she is slowing putting some demons behind her.


16 September 2007

I am typing this with just my left hand because there is a coonhound under my right hand insisting on being petted. Lonesome Dove (now Julep) flew to New Jersey from Texas in late July. She is an older dog who may have been abused and who had scars from bite marks on her hind-quarters. Fortunately my husband and I have been able to heal her physically and emotionally. It is hard to believe that we have had her for almost 5 months already.

Julep is such a loveable dog who makes friends with everyone she meets. One weekend shortly after her arrival, she met 17 different people at our vacation house down the shore. She was friendly to everyone single one, even the non-dog lovers. The first time we took her for a walk on the beach she was afraid of everything including the water, dead horseshoe crabs, sea weed, and her shadow. She is still afraid of the water but has adjusted to everything else we encounter on the beach.

Julep is still wary of most dogs but gets along very well with a coworker’s Boston Terriers. She loves the car and wants to go with us whenever we leave our house. She is even good on our 2+ hour trips to the shore. She possesses the typical coonhound traits that I have read about such as counter-surfing, getting into the garbage, and sleeping on the couch despite having two beds. She loves playing with her stuffed animals and long belly rubs but her favorite thing in the world is devouring a pig ear.

This is the only digital picture we have so far and as you can see she was not too fond of “Santa.” We will send more pictures when we can. Finally, we would just like to thank Coonhound Rescue for allowing us to adopt this wonderful dog.

Donna and Mark

14 December 2006