Luther (aka Big Lou & LuLu) has been an absolute joy and wonderful blessing to our family. When Luther came to us in July of 2004 we already had a bassett/beagle mix and a dachshund. He and Elvis (our dachshund) made friends instantly. From the moment they laid eyes on each other they've been inseperable. Only one "problem"....Luther thinks he's 10 pounds just like Elvis, and believes that he is a lap dog. A few months back we fostered a BlueTick, and Luther just couldn't figure out the BIG dog. We also fostered a dachshund which has become a permanent part of our family, and he just sooooo happy with his dachsie buddies. Luther is SO nice he can't even bring himself to tree the squirrels in the backyard...he let's his dachsie buddies protect him. He has the greatest personality and loves every human, dog, and cat that has ever stepped foot through our doors. We just can't thank God and Coonhound Rescue enough for bringing Luther into our lives!!

Thanks for all you do for the coonhound community :)

Lisa and David Bowen

Page last updated on 5 November 2005