Just wanted to let you know that Lyle is doing just great. He is a very intelligent dog and catches on quickly. None of his prior injuries seem to hinder him at all. He appears very happy in my home and definitely has found his place.

22 January 2007

Lyle dozed off and slept well until I got off the interstate in Charleston. He and Daisy get along as well as I could hope -- they played some in the yard as you can see by the pictures. He seems to enjoy the stuffed duck. He brings back a lot of fond memories I have of Gus and I am sure I will have years to build memories with Lyle as well.

Lyle is doing just great. I allowed him full access to the house this week while at work, and he has not caused any problems. I have already spoiled him by letting him sleep on the bed with us. He seems very happy with his new routine.

Thank you again and thank you for the effort you obviously put in with all the dogs.

6 December 2006