"Magnolia (now "Maggie")"

Magnolia, now known as Maggie, was rescued from a Louisiana shelter in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Maggie is a doggie genius!!! Housetrained - knows sit, down, stay, come and will jump into your arems while you are standing on command (she's only 14 pounds)!!! That's just what we've taught her!! No obedience classes yet!!! She's the highlight of our days!!!

She spends her days playing with her Walker brothers, Bo and Luke. No one has told Maggie that they weigh twice as much as she does even though they are 2 months younger! For a pup that was nicknamed "Spunky Monkey" by the shelter workers, it probably wouldn't bother her one bit!

Sally & Bill Miller

page last updated on 28 September 2005