"Megan and Mallory
(now "Ten" and "Tuck")

Megan and Mallory, renamed Ten and Tuck, are now living the good life in Canada after ending up in a shelter in Utah. Seems as if they'd never seen a chair, phone, door, stairs, or even their own reflections. But are they ever doing super!! They are meeting their dog trainer on Saturday so we can work on the few sibling to person issues we need to get into order. They now are doing really well with their social skills. They are wonderful, kind, smart dogs and absolutely love kids. And they are learning so fast. And are they ever smart! Already they've mastered around, this way, up, down, off, stop, wait and with me commands. Thanks for your good wishes. I expect you'll be hearing a lot from people out of Vancouver wanting to adopt Black & Tan Coonhounds. Every where I go people are asking and writing down your website.

5 September 2005

The girls graduated from Beginners Obedience School Saturday, November 12th with both proud parents in attendance.

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