She is doing great. Other than limited jumping skills (no jumping any walls or up on our bed) Mischa is doing great with out her hip balls. She is three this year and is a constant companion to me and my two year old son. Harrison thinks she is the best thing ever and the two of them find many games to play together. Mischa's favorite being chase around the house because she gets to bay happily as she chases him on his trike. Mischa wanted to also let you know that she is super spoiled and loving life at the Stubbs household. We love her soooo very much and everyday she makes our lives better for having her in it.


28 September 2011

Thought that you would love an update on Mischa. She weighs 28 pounds and has lost at least two of her milk teeth. At least those are the ones we found around the house. She just had her last shots for the year and loves her vet. She goes for a walk every day and loves to cuddle on the couch. She is getting along great with her sister, Ali, even though Ali does not want to play. They even slept on the same pillow the other morning, I was so proud. Mischa is getting ready for Halloween and wanted me to send her very cute pumpkin look to you. We love her very much and she is a wonderful addition to our family, I think she likes us as well.

Robert and Whitney

26 September 2008