Our coonhound, Catie, is now almost six and a half years old. As a proud "dad," here are some new pictures. It's been a long time since I've updated but things have been busy with the addition of my son to the family.


14 August 2010

Catie is approaching being with us for a year and a half now. We'll be celebrating her third birthday at the end of March. She has her own room in our new house with a couch (as well as a bed with a view of the patio and the back yard) to sleep on above a heat vent. It's hard to get her out of there, unless it is time for a walk!

She's had a good year with trips to the family beach house in Cannon Beach and stays with her grandparents and aunt and uncle while her mom and dad were away on their honeymoon and in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras. She was mad at us for leaving her but she was in good hands and got along well with her yellow lab and golden retriever cousins; Calvin, Casey, and Rylie.

2 March 2007

19 March 2006

Catie was driven up to us from Medford, OR in early November, 2005. I knew that we had made a great decision from the first moment that I heard her tail whapping against the wall of her plastic crate when I got to see her for the first time. My fiance', Sarah, had initially lobbied for "hound free" furniture but Catie firmly established herself as a couch hound by the second day! Neither of us had the heart to remove her.

Catie wakes me each morning at 5:30 for her morning walk. She eats breakfast once we return and then takes her position on the couch to sleep until I return from work in the mid-afternoon. We go for another walk in the afternoon where she enjoys meeting other dogs and children and she especially enjoys chasing squirrels and cats up the nearest tree. She also likes to scope out the local trash collection bins for any sort of goodies that might have fallen out. Dad tries his best to keep her from eating these things but she is too fast, sometimes. As a reward for not eating what she finds outside, Catie gets plenty of dog bisquits and rawhide bones to snack on at home. She has become quite good at shaking hands in order to earn a treat or two, also!

On weekends, Catie visits with her cousins, Casey and Rylie, a pair of male golden retrievers, and/or cousin Calvin, a yellow lab. They love to chase each other around until the older dogs (they're all older than Catie) get tired and need to rest. Catie then sits by me to "protect me" from the other dogs. She's very protective of her dad!

She is very playful throughout the week as well, tossing her stuffed duck and hedgehog and mint flavored tennis ball around in excitement upon my return from work. We play fetch inside for a few minutes which always cracks me up. Seeing her legs and tail flailing all over as she tracks down the ball is a sight that I can't hope to describe.

Once she's tired from her walks and from playtime, Catie settles in to fall asleep with her head in my lap in front of the TV. She may rise if dessert is present later in the evening but she'll otherwise sleep through until it's time for her to wake me up at 5:30.

Needless to say, Catie is the most wonderful dog that I could have ever hoped for. I grew up with some truly fantastic beagles and bassett hounds back home in New York but none of them has surpassed the magnificent dog that came to us in November. I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Mr. Ethan Lamb

13 January 2006