My husband and I adopted Moose a little over a month ago now. A few days before he came home, we adopted Bear from our local shelter. What's better than one coonie, but TWO coonies ! We have been busy! The boys have bonded so well with each other and individually with us. Moose had some indoor issues we had to deal with like countersurfing, but a little patience and repetition have worked that all out. We could not ask for better pups. Oh, did I mention how well they both have bonded with the couch?! Next on the list is an extra couch for us to sit on or maybe a little girl coonie for Christmas. We also have a 9 year old Min Pin, Taj, another boy. The boys love him; they understand he is little and an old man. Pretty much they stay out of his way. They all love the country life, the big yard and all the wild life to chase out of it!

Thank you for helping such a wonderful breed and helping our family grow.
Kelly Wright

Page last updated on 12 October 2009