Ginger has been with us for over a year now and she is doing great! We went to a charity function for our humane society because Ginger made the month of April in their 2010 Calendar. There was a collective aahhh when Ginger came out on stage to show her stuff. Everyone loved her; she was great with the kids and other dogs. We were so proud!

Sheís still active with her brother Marvin and often nuzzles and gently mouths Olive when they lay side by side.

Ginger can be a bit hard on my cleaning efforts though, all she has to do is shake her head and the slobber flies! You canít believe the places we find it; ceilings, walls, t.v., fireplace, windows etc. We had an 18 inch slobber hanging from our dining room light just last night, we were in awe (hence, the picture).

Never a dull moment with the 3 Musketeers.
Alison and John

3 December 2009

Just to let everyone know, Ginger has been keeping us very busy. We almost lost her on New Years night. We went out for dinner for 2 hrs and came back home to a very sick girl. Gingerís stomach had turned and she was bloating. We rushed her to the emergency vet (a 30 min. torturous drive). They untwisted her belly and did the tacking down surgery after seeing that her stomach was still in good condition and she recovered quite quickly, thank goodness. That was quite a scary event. Now we soak her dry food until itís soft and feed her 4 times a day instead of two and no exercising 30 to 60 min. after eating!

Ginger has also passed her Obedience training and weíre on to teaching her some search and rescue. She is quite smart and is a fast learner. Marvin and Ginger are still playing well together while Olive stands by and supervises.

We get so many compliments on our three rescues. People we donít know will roll down their car window and tell us how beautiful they are. They are 3 very different but such loveable personalities.

Very proud parents,
Alison and John

15 February 2009

Just to let everyone know, Ginger is settling in with Marvin and Olive delightfully well. We want to thank Jayne and Gingerís foster mom, Gail, for taking such good care of Ginger before we adopted her. I know Gail had her hands full with 7 dogs. I donít know how she does it but she does it exceptionally well and we are so grateful. Thank you, Gail, for all you do for these needy canines!

From a very happy and fortunate Ginger, Olive, Marvin
and John and Alison too.

15 September 2008

We've had Olive with us for over 8 months and Marvin for a year and 9 months. We are so glad we adopted them both. They get along so well we still can't believe it. Olive is the perfect companion for Marv. We've never seen dogs play quite the way these two do. Olive loves to tease Marv with her favorite rope toy and whatever Olive has, Marv wants. He's like a jealous, spoiled 3 yr old but he's also a really good sport and very sweet-natured. They both put up with a lot of teasing from their dad, but judging by the way their tails wag, they love it! They're quite the acrobats as well, doing flips and rolling around on the grass together. Olive is a more confident and relaxed than when we first got her. Her tail never stops wagging and she's turned into a couch potato after she gets her morning hour- long run. Thunderstorms still scare her though and she often looks for somewhere safe like our closet or on our bed. She's so darn cute we can't stand it! We love them both more every day.

We are amazed at your ability to place these special dogs.
Thanks again, John and Alison.
Marv and Olive, too

9 July 2006

Wanda, now called Olive, is doing alright! She is the sweetest girl. We love her so much. She and Marvin get along so well it just couldn't be any better. They seem to be quite in love and it happened so quickly! We changed her name because she did not respond to Wanda but for some reason she quickly answered to Olive which we think suits her.

Thank-you so much for our new baby. You really are so good at your job. I don't know what these wonderful dogs would do without you.
Alison and John

13 November 2005

This is Marvin's story. When we adopted Marvin (Luke) in October, 2004, he was underweight and depressed. He had been in the Benton Harbor, Michigan humane society for 4 months. They'd found him wandering the streets, bloody, with the tips of his ears gone and his face scarred. He has since gained the 5 lbs. advised by the Vet (he loves to eat) and his facial hair has grown back. Although the first 6 weeks were difficult, we see how worthwhile it was. It's now been nearly a year and we have the most loveable, entertaining and sweet baby that we could not do without!

Marv loves his walks. The first is early and often in the dark. During this time, Marvin displays his fear of fireflies and garden lights and will hide behind Dad's legs. The second walk is really a sqirrel chasing 60-90 minute run during which Marv will drag Mom from tree to tree howling his heart out, tail wagging. Marv also howls at UPS, FedEx, mail, fire trucks, thunder and sometimes small planes. One of Marv's favorite treats is peanut butter on toast or stuffed in a bone. He absolutely loves his tennis balls and wrestling with Dad. He can't seem to get close enough to the fireplace in cold weather but he also loves cuddling on the couch with us. What a doll!

Marv loves his new buddy, Bailey (our yellow Lab). He is very protective of him. At first Marv would try to play with Bailey but has since learned that 16 year old Bailey just can't manage it. I think we may have to adopt another BL&T for Marv to wrestle with. Everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves Marv. He's quite popular and soaks up every bit of attention they give him. He never fails to make people smile and laugh.

We just can't say enough good things about our wonderful guy! We're so happy to have him with us. Thank-you so much to Jayne Schlegel and Barb from the Benton Harbor humane society.

John and Alison Baumgartner
Marvin and Bailey, too!

5 September 2005