Grady is just great. He definitely has his ornery moments, but he is just a joy. I absolutely love watching him sleep, because when he's ready to sleep there's no stopping him from taking over the couch, which becomes his by 9:00 p.m., sometimes earlier. As you can see Grady is a well adjusted and layed back Coonhound, even when he tries different positions in the recliner (which he stayed in for about 15 minutes!).


6 June 2008

Thought I would let you know that life is pretty darn good. I just celebrated my first Christmas in Kansas. And you know what?! They have this fun stuff called snow! It's cold, but I don't care. It's fun to play in, especially with my brothers. I love to run around in it, and then I just love to sit and look around. It's my quiet time. Sound familiar? We got extra fun toys and treats this year, including this silly collar. I tend to blow through my plastic and stuffed toys pretty fast, so I now have this thing called a Nylabone. We'll see, I'm a pretty good chewer. I don't know why everyone gets so upset when I go for the phone, gloves, shoes, eyeglasses, ornaments, and socks? But when I hear "John Grady Cole!" I know I've done something unpleasant! I am getting better, and recently discovered how to use my back legs. So now I can crawl up on the cough and snuggle with my people. I really enjoy that activity. It's about as much fun as chasing the birds and squirrels in the backyard. And some friends of my people gave me the nickname "Grady Baggins." I guess everyone really loves me!

I went to the vet a few weeks ago for a check up, and I now weigh 60 pounds! For a while my mom kept joking that I was a "Min Coon," but I showed her! And I think I'm still growing, although my front legs still haven't quite caught up with the rest of me! The folks at the vet were glad to see that I'm doing really good and were surprised at how big I'm growing. Although I miss everyone in Georgia, I really like it here!

Grady Baggins

6 January 2008

Hello ABTCR,
Wanted to let everyone know that Grady (formerly Nemo) is getting healthier and stronger with each day. He's now up to 36 pounds! A far cry from the 17 pounds when ABTCR rescued him from a South Carolina shelter. Grady is just a great dog, I don't know how else to describe his personality. While driving home from Des Moines to deliver Poppy to her new home, we kept looking at his picture and just knew he had to be a part of our family. His face said it all. He's smart, happy, fun, and loves to play now, trying to get the attention of his new brothers. After recovering from Indian Maiden's litter, our Sawyer is starting to warm up to Grady's presence. It won't be long before they're rolling in the yard together, but as you can see they're starting to snuggle!

Thanks again for all that ABTCR did for Grady; saving him from a kill shelter and nursing him back to health. Will send more as he grows and matures!

Beth and Dave

16 September 2007